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England are utter crap

Totally disappointed in their world cup campaign. Stars they may be for their clubs, and the celebrity aspect of the game, but when you don't bring it on for the International games, especially at the world stage that is the World Cup, questions have to be asked.

Atrocious. Worst match I've seen at the World Cup by far.

Right, time for the long faces to return back to England with shame on their faces. BAH!


It's Magic Bleeds release day, I'm so happy it's finally released that I have actually bothered to make a brand spanking new entry on my rather dusty and forgotton LJ blog.

Fourth in the series and REARING to go, I have been waiting for this release over all others. Truly I am one quite obsessed with this series. Don't believe me and the overgushingness of the series? Read the reviews:


Alas, I'm still waiting for Book Depo to deliver mine, but no doubt it shall be with me soon.

Any good self respecting fan of the Fantasy genre would love it. And for those that love a romance angle, it's the stuff of dreams. Here's hoping I get mine soon lest I expire from pre-read excitement. For those that might stumble onto this entry, buy it. You won't regret it.

I have just finished reading the latest installment by Michelle Sagara from her Cast in series, "Cast in Silence", and I can honestly say that this series is on my "Must buy immediately" list. Rather than review it and bore you I will instead write a list of reasons why I'm enjoying this series and why most importantly I've bought a copy (as opposed to going for the library loan option - not epiracy, geez):
  • Female Protagonist is tough but also vulnerable. Isn't whiney, grating, super perfect and holier than thou, etc. She appears quite well rounded, has a back story, isn't all about the attitude and seems to be on the journey of discovery just as much as the reader. She's witty, has certain character flaws and habits that make you smile as the series progresses and you can see her character develop as the books wear on.
  • Engaging set of characters that appear very well thought out. Love Lord Nightshade and Severn. More please. <3
  • An amazingly interesting world. It's not like anything else I've read.
  • Story includes discovering/understanding various cultures of the world it's set in and I think that part is handled really beautifully.
  • Its pacey and doesn't lag.
  • Very re-readable due to the engaging way it's written.

But now I await impatiently for the next book, Cast in Chaos. Grrr!


They say Rome wasn't built in a day

So what does this mean? Means I intend to use this journal as a writing dumping ground again. They say (one day I'll figure out this mythical *they*), that the more you write, the better you get at it, and I intend to test this theory out right now and from hereon or something. However, expect to see some teething problems and then some. But what the heck, best to start in the present, surely?

What shall I write about? Politics? Other "serious" matters? Or perhaps something more of a superficial nature? Perhaps all three? Hmmm...


The doolally topic of the moment here in the UK appears to be about the release of Al-Megrahi. I have heard and read some fantastical things in my time, but the whole boycott Scotland and the UK response in relation to this story, made me chuckle. Where once upon a time, I would have been outraged, as expected of a patriot-in-denial (hey, Scotland IS part of the UK, k?), I can only just laugh having seen the outcome of the Freedom Fries movement. Perhaps that's apathy, I'm not entirely sure. But it does seem to be a waste of time, energy and it screams mindless mob mentality. When will we stop playing sheep? Of course, *they* say it's only a minority reacting this way.

To summarise, my opinion on this matter: It's a convoluted combination of some people requiring a face to *terrorism*, thus it being easier to recognise and hate the/an enemy - something we don't really have a face of aside from OBL and a few others in some exotic land elsewhere. Politics in terms of future businesses with Libya by the power-that-be in London and beyond, especially given Gadaffi's 40 year reign et celebration(s) - and so, I don't doubt that this has been brewing for a while. And the Scottish Government in charge of judicial affairs wanting to make a statement of their independence of Whitehall, when this has only shown to weaken them as it currently stands - "Oh those tardy Scots, being cute by pretending to be independent of us in the South. We're the ones having the last laugh having it gone according to plan and all... *scoffscoffscoff*".

In conclusion, we'll all forget about this in a few months anyway. So how about some Freedom haggis in the interim?

Other Serious Matters

The heading does sound ominous.  I'll try to make sure the content lives up to such lofty expectations or something, however I make no promises. But first, what the heck is this?

See, I can understand pole dancing for kids to keep them fit or something (sort of), and even then that's quite a stretch (pun actually not intended here). But this is really really in poor taste. Of course, this is coming from a girl playing "Fashion Wars" on Facebook, where the user starts from being Daddy's girl to Shopoholic, Trendsetter and so forth - tmi? Hmm.What I am saying is, although I am no a paragon of virtue, I can't imagine seeing this as a suitable toy for a young girl. It just doesn't scream responsible, or even fun for that matter. One wonders if this is even aimed at kids?

Oh this reminds me, I saw this Barbie bag for adults and thought, why?!

Admittedly, I was never into Barbie as a kid; I much preferred my sibling's Scalectrix set, which always had me in a fit of envy. I digress.  I just don't understand this bag at all. Like at all. Why would you buy this? Answers on a postcard please.

Yes these are much serious matters!

Of Books & Fantasies

It's quite sad, but I haven't really taken part in any book challenges this year. I've just been reading when I have felt like it - okay, so it is not exactly a novel concept.  But it does mean that the figures do not compare to last year. Of course I'm saying this having just successfully bought the following five on Amazon:


Books, mmmmmmm. I wish I had some new ones right now, what with being on sick leave and all. Le sigh.

Oh, I was also excited to read about the return of [info]scott_lynch of Locke Lamora fame after updates on his LJ. *cue much squeeing - shameful that I would still feel like doing such things...*

And, Adieu

I now leave you with some random facts:
  • On the 3rd of September 1939 - Britain and France, declare war on Germany in response to Hitler's invasion of Poland.
  • Turtles can breathe through their butts - a useful fact to impress your friends with, no doubt.
  • The most common name in the world is Mohammed - one wonders how this was figured out, given the number of people in the world. However, it is common for Muslim male members to add this on as their first name - sometimes much later on in life and all.
  • Walt Disney was afraid of mice. Mmmmm...
Facts as seen and read on Wiki and the Random Facts site.


I want Patrick Rothfuss to visit London.

Yes, I've been furiosuly refreshing his blog in the hopes that he'd update it with his London visit. I've never met any of my favourite authors (even though there's more than a fair few in that category), so I'm really keen to see this come into fruition. I want to get my copy of the book signed and take a picture with him, yes </squeefangirlness>! 

For those unawares of this great author, he made a truly terrific debut with The Name of the Wind.

Demand Patrick Rothfuss in London!
Patrick Rothfuss in London - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

View all London events on Eventful
Have you met any of your favourite authors?

Ilona Andrews - I love you for this!

It's such a brilliant little book, better than the previous two in the series, which I didn't think was possible. The characters have developed so much more. I loved learning more about Kate as things start to fall into place, especially towards the end of the book. We also see more Jim (yay) and obviously Curran (yumyum - I won't say any further), and I found the plot with the Hindu mysticism, fascinatingly told. It was a brilliant romp of a book in soooo many ways. Fans of the series will not be disappointed. :D


Now I wait for Kate 4.


45. Lord of the Fading Lands - CL Wilson
46. Lady of Light and Shadows - CL Wilson

While they were twee at the beginning of the book with the whole soul-mate principle thing (I thought nooo), I started to get a real affinity for the books, especially the end of the first one with all the fantasy lore of the world falling into place. Not bad. Not bad at all.

But most importantly, I am on course to reading 50 books within the first half of this year. W00t!

Goals and reaching milestones makes me happy. People tell me that it's not fun setting book reading goals, but I say try telling that Dulcetfida kid.

Russian Conspiracy Part Two.

So I made this public blog entry about Litvinenko and my uneasiness about all things Russian Government, and like always I put in my statcounter code as I like to see where I'm getting my hits from. Today I noticed this interesting entry in my statcounter log:

I may be counting the 1s and 2s all wrong, but then again perhaps one thing has something to do with the other...

Coincidence?! You decide.



My first ever *Squeeeeeeeee* post, but the heart is doing crazy pitter-patter at the following:

"The Wizard of Oz casting announced at Royal Festival Hall: Sian Brooke, Adam Cooper, Roy Hudd, Julie Legrand, Hilton McRae, Gary Wilmot"

Ahem, you have been warned:


I'm so going to go and watch him...again! WOOT WOOT!
Obligatory picture post of said wonderful individual:



It's not like I fancy him, want to marry him and have his babies (well, perhaps not by much),  but the way he moves and the performances he has given, c'est magnifique. One might call it electric even. For those in the not-know, he played a small part in the film Billy Elliot, as the grown up version of the aforementioned character, but that's only the tip of the iceberg really.

P.S. He was brilliant as Sky Masterson. Yum.

Anyone else a fan-girl of individuals from the celeb/performing world? Or what was the last thing that made you SQUUUEEEEEEE?


Litvinenko, the story goes on.

The story of Litvinenko and what happened to him in London, haunts me to this very day. I find myself frequently looking up new information on him and what's happened since, maybe I do this in the hopes that he and his widow finally receive justice, as is their due. But perhaps that's the optimistic in me thinking along those lines.

There's something about that case which really strikes all the cords. I'm sure my dislike for all things Russian politics and their systematic  approach to getting rid of dissenting voices has some part to play in it. He represents to me all the people that have been wronged and let down by those in power. He also represents to me how the powerful can get away with doing the most heinous of things, exacting a terrible price on those that try to stand up for the alleged truth. He's not the only one of course. I also think of Anna Politkovskaya, yet they're the more known figures in this fight, but by no means the most important or even the only important figures.

I stumbled across this documentary film review a few hours ago, so I thought I'd post it here in the hopes of attracting attention of those that have seen it. It's related to Litvinenko of course. Anyone interested in watching it?

Rebellion: the Litvinenko Case (no cert)

The week's other documentary is billed as 'a testimony' by Andrei Nekrasov, drawing on interviews the film-maker conducted with dissident spy Alexander Litvinenko before the latter's death by poisoning in November 2006. The film can't make the ties between Russian politicians, oligarchs and security forces any easier to fathom out; what it does is to make them murkier and more fascinating, either by what Nekrasov intuits (alleged links between Premier Putin and the Stasi, for one) or how such intelligence is presented.


Superb use is made of footage that looks as though it's been smuggled out itself: of police brutality, neo-Nazi rampages, hushed nocturnal conversations in which Litvinenko expresses fear for his family's lives.

The director is of the Moore/Broomfield school of documentary- makers unafraid to put themselves on camera, though here that stance looks more like bravery than egotism. Putting himself out there results in at least one real coup towards the end of this gripping, often chilling investigation: an encounter with Andrei Lugovoi, prime suspect in Litvinenko's murder. 'Would you like a cup of tea?' Lugovoi asks casually. 'No thanks,' is the response. A wise man, this comrade Nekrasov.

Review from the Telegraph

I think I might have to see this for myself, though I'm usually more of a fan of textual media. I just hope they continue in their fight for truth and justice.

Conspiracy Theories

In regards to Chechnya, I personally can't discount any of the theories given the systematic need for secrecy and controlled information from the Kremlin. Am I just a fool of a believer amongst the herd? I like to think I'm just cautious and cynical when it comes to all things controlled media and controlled Government to the degree that exists over there.

Is there a case/news item that you feel incredibly strongly about? Any thoughts on the Litvinenko case? Perhaps even alternative views? Do share.